ADT Monitored Alarm Systems

Take advantage of technology engineered to make your home a safer place.

A wireless ADT monitored alarm system gives you effective security without the negative side effects.

The only holes that need drilling are the holes to mount your digital keypad to the wall, since the components use radio waves rather than cords or cables. With Safewatch® CellGuard® technology that maintains wireless communication between your home and the ADT monitoring network, a burglar can’t disarm your system by cutting telephone wires.

You can also take comfort in knowing that the company monitoring your home 24/7 has more than 100 years of experience in the security industry. This legacy has helped make ADT the nation’s most trusted provider of electronic security services.

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Standard ADT monitored alarm system equipment

You won’t find a better way to enhance the security of your home than ADT monitored wireless alarm systems. There’s no complicated wiring involved, which makes installation quick, easy and much less intrusive than a hard-wired alarm.

ADT offers a selection of many monitored alarm systems, each one featuring the following standard components:

Digital keypad: Your home security command center

You’ll do most of your interaction with this piece of equipment. Use the keypad to arm and disarm the system, program access codes or call for assistance at the touch of a button. From routine operation to rapid emergency response, the digital keypad is the centerpiece of your monitored alarm system

Infrared interior motion detector: A vigilant electronic eye

Your monitored security system includes an infrared motion detector that monitors the inside of your home. This sophisticated device is finely tuned but also user-friendly. You can program the system to disregard the movement of your pets and reduce the risk of false alarms.

Entryway sensors: Helping safeguard doors and windows

Your ADT-certified installer will place these sensors, also called Three Points of Protection, at your home’s key entry points so that you’ll know when a door or window is opened. You can easily expand your level of protection by adding more sensors to your monitoring package.

High-decibel alarm: The unmistakable sound of security

With nearly the same volume as a police siren, this alarm will immediate notify you and your neighbors when your monitored security system detects a threat. The sound is also powerful enough to startle intruders and give them second thoughts about burglarizing your home. By providing notification and deterrence, the high-decibel alarm represents two important monitored alarm system benefits.

Keychain remote: Control in the palm of your hand

If you’re away from the central keypad, just use the keychain remote. This feature lets you activate and deactivate your monitored alarm system from up to 50 feet away. You can control your monitored home security system from the upstairs bedroom or the driveway, all with ease and convenience.

Battery backup: An extra layer of protection

Even if the power fails, your ADT monitored alarm system keeps going. The battery backup provides up to 12 additional hours of protection if your home’s electric service is interrupted.

Yard sign and window decals: Send a clear message

Let would-be intruders know that you have America’s premier monitored home security service in your corner. Every ADT monitored security system package includes a yard sign and window decals.

Extra features for extra protection

ADT monitored alarms systems offer many high-tech features. One example is ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions, the feature that works with your smartphone or a web-enabled computer to give you even more control over your monitored home security system.

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