ADT Monitoring Prices

Choose from five packages offering peace of mind at affordable prices.

Any home security provider can equip you with an alarm system. Why settle for an assortment of components when you can have so much more?

ADT monitors your home alarm system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and responds to alarm signals immediately. ADT also interacts with local police, fire and medical agencies all throughout the United States, so you can get help quickly if you need it.

Not everyone’s security monitoring needs are the same, which is why homeowners can choose from five different packages.

Every monitoring package includes standard equipment and features such as:

  • Digital keypad
  • Three Points of Protection (door/window sensors)
  • Infrared interior motion detector
  • High-decibel alarm
  • Keychain remote
  • Backup battery
  • Yard sign and window decals
  • Quality Service Plan
  • Manual police, fire and medical alarms

Find the monitoring package that best fits your needs.

Essentials – $36.99/month

The Essentials package includes monitored security equipment and supporting features to help you protect your family 24 hours a day. This package is perfect if you have a landline telephone and want the most affordably priced ADT alarm monitoring.

Essentials Plus – $42.99/month

With Essentials Plus, you get the same security components and 24-hour ADT monitoring via your landline telephone. You also get Two-Way Voice, making it possible for you to speak directly with an ADT monitoring professional from your keypad intercom if you ever have an emergency at home.

Total Protection – $44.99/month

Don’t have a landline telephone? Total Protection might be right for you. This package gives you basic equipment and security monitoring plus Safewatch® CellGuard®. The CellGuard® feature keeps you connected with ADT’s monitoring network using a wireless radio signal rather than a landline. CellGuard® can also function as a landline backup.

Total Protection Plus — $47.99/month

If you don’t have a landline but want Two-Way Voice, this is the package for you. Safewatch® CellGuard® gives you wireless connectivity with ADT’s monitoring centers, while wireless Two-Way Voice enables you to communicate with ADT dispatch operators directly if your security alarm goes off. Get the best of both the Essentials Plus and Total Protection packages with Total Protection Plus.

Premium Protection — $52.99/month

With ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions

Want all the best monitored home security equipment and capabilities? Premium Protection is the package for you. Get Safewatch® CellGuard® plus ADT Pulse with this comprehensive package. ADT Pulse gives you remote access to your monitored home alarm system via Internet or smartphone. Arm or disarm your system from work, or receive text and email notifications anytime someone enters your security passcode or when your home security alarm goes off.

With Premium Protection, you can also upgrade your equipment to include a monitored security camera and a lamp module. The camera stores video footage so that if your monitored home security system goes off, it can permanently record and store the footage leading up to the alarm event. And the lamp module lets you turn a lamp on or off in your home from anywhere. This is a good option for those who aren’t home often and want to leave a light on to make the home appear occupied.

Not sure which package is right for you? Call now for your hassle-free home security consultation.