ADT Monitored Home Alarm Systems Help Protect Families

The security of your home and family is critical. Having a reliable home alarm system can help protect your loved ones from harm and help guard against your valuables being stolen. Also, just knowing that your home is safer promotes peace of mind.

ADT monitored alarm systems offer the solution you’ve been looking for. You’ll get 24-hour security monitoring for burglaries, along with the option to expand your system to include coverage for fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, internal flooding and freezing.

With a comprehensive network of monitoring centers and easy-to-use monitored alarm system equipment, ADT makes it easier for you to spend time enjoying life instead of worrying about security.

ADT helps protect your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call today to schedule a free phone consultation so you can determine which monitoring package is best for you.

How can ADT monitored alarm systems benefit you?

With ADT, you aren’t just getting monitored alarm system equipment – you’re getting a comprehensive security solution.

Not only does your ADT monitored alarm system use the best technology in the industry, it is also monitored 24/7 by security professionals. Dispatch operators at ADT’s four U.S. monitoring centers are trained to assist customers in emergency situations.

Rapid alarm response

If the monitoring network receives an alarm signal from your home, a dispatch operator will spring into action and quickly contact you. If an emergency situation is confirmed, the operator will dispatch the local authorities to your home.

Also, the network of Customer Monitoring Centers has built-in backup capabilities. If one monitoring center runs into technical difficulties, alarm traffic is rerouted to another ADT monitoring center.

ADT responds to more than 50,000 crimes in progress each year, demonstrating the efficiency and capability of the monitoring network when it comes to getting help for customers when they need it most.

Easy-to-use technology

With an ADT monitored alarm system, you can improve the security of your home simply by pressing a few buttons. User-friendly wireless digital keypads let you arm and disarm your monitored home alarm system with ease, and the keychain remote allows you to access the system from within 50 feet of the keypad.

The keypad also features a one-touch emergency function, so that you can manually contact local emergency dispatch.

Don’t forget about remote online access, optional security cameras and home automation controls with ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions. This feature lets you control your monitored security system through an Internet connection using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Affordable monthly monitoring fees

Affordable monitoring fees allow you to have a monitored home alarm system without sacrificing other important items from your budget. In fact, monitoring costs start at just over $1 a day. A diverse selection of monitoring packages means you can pick the best option for your security needs and budget.

ADT monitored alarm systems are the best choice

In the security monitoring industry, ADT has an unmatched track record of expertise.

ADT has been in the business of helping customers protect people and property for over a century. What began as a telegraph company in 1874 has become the largest provider of monitored alarm systems throughout North America, with more than 6 million residential and business customers.

The combination of experience, technology and superior customer service helps make ADT the nation’s most trusted source of monitored home alarm systems.

Call now to learn more about ADT monitored security systems and get a free phone consultation to help you determine which monitoring package offers the best fit.